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Reverbnation (Crowd Review)

What they are saying about C'est La Vie

I really like the rhythm and the singing, I can really hear you, I love the song! Keep going at it and try getting to the pros. Probably the best rap I've heard in a while, I love how the rhythm changes as well after a while! Anways I will give this song at least an A on this song, Loved it!

Reverbnation (Crowd Review)

What they are saying about Kill The Summer

“Another rap song that helps me change my view on rap songs. And that doesn't very often since I'm not a rap fan at all. I just
think this guy can rap his A off. The freestyle is sick! This guys sounds unique from other rappers. I think most rappers sound
similar but this guy stands out for some reason. I like the lyrics too. This guy should be famous.”

Reverbnation (Crowd Review)

What they are saying about All Star Weekend
“This was one of my favourite raps. Its even better then some of eminem's raps. The background music sounds great and the
lyrics are just perfect. This is the type of music i love to listen to and will always continue to listen to. I think this song can be
a big hit some day and i cant wait for it to come out on Itunes and the raido. i rate this song a 10/10. I will be listening to this
song everyday all day”

Reverbnation (Crowd Review)

What someone said about Way Up

Love it!! This could totally be a hit. It can be relate-able to many people and I think that is very important in writing songs. The beat is nice, not too much where it seems scattered or messy. The vocalist is easily understood, a good balance between the instruments and vocals. I can see this song being popular among teens.


by DKmyDCK

I need sum blo and beamer. FYEAH


by aaahhh9482

Didn't really like the first few songs but got much better from track 5. All Star could be a huge radio hit.

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NeuFutur Magazine (Medicated Mitch Album Review)

Neufutur magazine ( Jvleel interview)


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Crowd Review


What They are saying about She Wanna

This is a good rapper and I love this beat its very happy and interesting!this is a song about a gold digger and its a real song about club girls. The beat to this song is very good I like the groove I'm getting just by listening well! (Review about She Wanna)

Crowd Review

What They Are Saying About She Wanna

The calm and composed instrumental element that this song presents is very soothing to the ears. The clear beat that is presented by the artist and the composer is a very nice complement to the rap lyrics. The hardcore and modern rap style that flows throughout the track is high quality and vibrant. Overall, In my opinion this is one of the better modern day rap tracks.   (Review about She Wanna)

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