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Medicated Mitch was born and raised in Detroit, MI his mother would always play music around the house and he remembers at the tender age of 3 his mom  playing  different artist like Luther Vandross, Smokey Robinson,  earth wind and fire, and One Way. He really feel in love with hip hop at 8 years old when he was riding in his brother's regal and his brother had just bought a tape from the record store called reasonable doubt, the first moment he heard Jay-Z’s verse on dead presidents he knew he wanted to pursue music.

He started writing music at the age of 9 and 10 trying to imitate Jay-z and Notorious Big flow. At the age of 13 his rapping took a backseat to producing he began making beats on a program called fl studio. He became fascinated on how music was produced and for a while he just focused on producing music, he made beats for friends as well as a group that he was a part of called Young World. After a few years of young world working together everyone made the decision to go their own separate way and that is when he found his sound.

When he first went solo he started out making music just for people in the neighborhood to hear, but the reception was so good he began to think that maybe the world was ready to hear his music also. Medicated Mitch makes real to the heart music that isn't in your face or over the top, in some ways he’s a reality comedian with his witty metaphors and real life content. His music will both entertain you and get you to think about some real life issues; he feels his music will be a force to reckon with in the music industry for many years to come.

Jvleel (Pronounced Jaleel) grew up on the southwest side of  Detroit, Michigan and he is from very humble beginnings. Music has always been his escape, at the tender age of 8 he started his musical journey which mainly consisted of baby rhymes, after he gained a little experience from his baby rhymes later he competed with his older brother to see who could write the best raps. This practice helped him refine his sound, and as a result he noticed that he had improved as a writer and  rapper, However he didn’t really get serious with rap until he was 12 years old.



Jvleel knew that he wanted to be a rapper but there was one big problem he didn’t have money for studio time or studio equipment. He didn’t let that stop him, and started using his cell phone to record his music. After high school he enrolled in Weatherization school in order to get money for equipment. 



Now, he had equipment, but he needed beats to rap over so he learned how to produce, mix and master and continued to get better and better. He released a few promo songs, mixtape, and now is going full blast on his music career with big plans for the future. He feels that music is a way to get your emotions out and hopes that his music is inspiration for someone going through something or is feeling helpless or hopeless. His style is hungry, ambitious, and for the soul all in one. He does it for the underdog the person that doesn’t accept their humble beginnings but instead challenges it and makes the choice to change their life for the better.   Like all rappers, he feels he will make it to the top. The difference between him and others is that he won’t stop until he makes it, no matter how hard he has to work or how many times he falls, after all he is used to beating the odds.






Uno, a rapper from the westside of Detroit, Michigan, has early memories of music filling his home. His parents and grandparents listened to music legends such as James Brown, Luther Vandross, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and Tupac.  During his early years as a rapper, he drew from the greats that his parents and grandparents introduced him to as well as other artists including Dipset, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Blade Icewood, a Detroit artist.



Uno started off as a solo act, but later joined the group DSB, dem stack boyz, with his brothers and cousins.  After several years as a member of DSB, Uno decided to refocus and return to doing solo projects, which is when he reconnected with a childhood friend, and then he truly found his voice.  He discovered that the music he grew up listening to greatly impacted his style.   Just like the music he grew up listening to is varied, so are his lyrics.  His goal is to share his musical passion with the world, and to have people be able to get all the flavors that they need from one artist, him.   

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